Most Unique Cars Used By Luxury Chauffeurs

There are certain makes and models that a luxury chauffeur will typically rely upon to ensure that all of their passengers make it to their destination in comfort, class and style.

Companies such as Mercedes, BMW and Range Rover are badges that have been relied upon by thousands of chauffeurs and millions of passengers over many decades, but they are far from the only options on offer.

Some drivers opt to break the mould, stand out and use something unique.

Citroen C6

Whilst certainly a unique car company best known for stylish and relatively low-cost hatchbacks, the Citroen C6 was a far more ambitious luxury saloon car aimed at the same market as the BMW 5-Series or the Audi A6.

Whilst not a contest it had a hope of winning, it was the car of choice for two French presidents, had an exceptional reputation for its safety and featured a raft of unique features such as directional headlamps, lane departure warning system and a heads-up display.

Aston Martin Lagonda

One of the most striking and divisive cars ever made, the streamlined Aston Martin Lagonda was a vision of the future circa 1976, with a remarkable number of innovative features that would not become standard for years such as solid-state digital instruments.

This has, unfortunately, given the car a bit of a bad reputation for unreliability but whilst cruelly criticised at the time, it has since garnered support for its ambitious design and striking styling.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible

The standard Range Rover Evoque is not really a strange car at all and is a commonly used luxury sports utility vehicle. However, a version that takes the roof off becomes altogether far more surreal.

Its folding roof necessitated a steeper and larger windscreen, one that made the car look so very different but also divided opinion when the roof was up.